Monday, May 14, 2007

7 things

Ok i know i haven't really kept up with blogging lately so when Ichiena says i have been tagged i can only oblige (seeing she is Senior)

  1. I have a hardtime giving people second chances. I trust you once you screw up and thats it. I don't mean business but as in friendship. For example there is this chic who i was friends with from 1st Form and continued been pals after school and even put business together (which we closed later) yaani went thru a lot of things & shT together. One day i unfortunately left her house open and she called me and talked really Rude, she didn't bother to find out what had happened. Thats the last day i talked to her. Its been 3 years and counting. I HATE people who jump to conclusions without bothering to ask me whats happening. The next time you want to be rude to me, you should really think about it.
  2. I am hard to impress. I love new experiences and the kind if had money wouldn't mind taking breakfast in Nakuru & dinner in Mombasa and sleep in Nairobi, maybe the exhaustion would prevent me but it really excites me to do totally unrelated things the same day. I can buy a pair of shoes wear it once and give it away. It partly explains why i want to learn Luo,spanish & Italiano.
  3. I don't like watching TV. I find it hard to listen to people on Tv. I only watch suprise surprise 2 soap operas of which i am just too ashamed to tell.
  4. I am an information junkie. I like knowing everything and for no reasons. I buy all types of magazines & books when i have cash. I have even gotten to the habit of googling the prescriptions by doctors. I insist on carrying that paper which the doc scribbles on and google what i can see. I can even read their non existent words. I read the young nation. I find myself reading in the middle of a conversation with someone especially if in the house. That also explains why i can't watch Tv, there is always something to read instead. When i am stressed though i don't read, instead i watch Tv. Sometimes i go to the butchery and carry newspapers from there if i find something interesting.
  5. I am the kind of person who is most probably friends to everyone and to none. Although these days i am trying to be better, i still find it hard.
  6. I am most comfortable talking general topics than talking about personal stuff. Its kinda hard to extract things about me from me unless you are very patient with me.
  7. I am not the best person to cry with because i am very practical. I think what can i do for you to ease your pain rather than "woisheeing" with you. I find it sometimes people just want you to cry with them but i will find myself suggesting why don't you do this or another.

Thats therapy right?