Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing really

If Smitta is to be believed Club Galileo is whack and Ciiku (Easy Presenter or is it former) is Multi talented. I don't know exactly what multi talents are but i agree to disagree. I heard Munene on Easy in the morning today so i don't think the multi talents are working any more. WE ALL KNOW what talents in MEDIA houses stand for (he hehe )

So i have been thinkin of all things in Nairobi, lets just say Everyone knows everyone. You know one person then you realize they were in school with another person you know and its all boring. Especially high school because al professionals went to lets say Docs went to Starch. So EX 1 thinks that guys who went to starch are smart cookies and kumbe smart cookies are also short (his version not mine)

So for the sake of generation continuity, i have to choose short and bright or tall and dumb. Burr you see i am not exactly dumb and now i am thinking a bit of tallcould produce tall and bright and the tall can play football, basket ball or handball and become FAMOUS!!! yiPPEE. We will be famous (like it matters)

So after my first failed attempts at making chapos (did i say chapos) i have not tried again and could do with some tips like put oil generously as some (owners of tadpoles,,..he he he) could say or use salad oil or use...or do dis n dat.

So now me i am a fan of girl flicks. How you ask, because all often a girl has to find herself in complicated situation. Somebody who was in the same uterus as i was and a girl was dumped yesterday (i am writing that because the boy who also came out of it is looking at what i am writing na sitaki anyite vile nasema) the last 3 words were to honour bantuts who has made sheng look like its the best thing since my chapos (lol!). So we were doing speeches in things like "look here dear this is not your soul mate and bluh bluh mob like you remember how he treated you on............. Ngai fafa!!!! It is hard i tell you. These manenos of love and being dumped. So we were telling her that ooh don't worry (speech!!!) I am reading from the writer of The devil wears Prada and at the part where this man who everyone wants likes that girl (can i hear wowwwwsssssss) So whuzfoolingwho?

So jienjoying, budget ya cyber imeisha.