Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lovely...Love, and loving

I have almost forgotten how to blog. Goodness!!!

Anyway i am told that tomorrow is Valentines day and it is only good for me to review my non love life.

I don't hate Valentines, commercialised or not, It is upon yourself to commercialize it or not. Haiyyaaii each unto his cross.

Results of valentines
Engagements (leading to matrimony)
Heartbreaks - Like the Man/woman with so many girlfriends. My friend Abu says every man has a Wife (main girlfriend), Mistress, and a whore (for sex only), but all the three think that they are main girlfriends and thats how there are heartbreaks.

Babies,-Need i say more

Cashless wallets-

Dumper & Dumpees (GIM 07)

So anyway this is what i call attempts at love life

(NON)Conversation with Estranged (Wanjiru and Kamangu situation where there are no obligations but rights) 15 days ago

Me: HEllo

E: How are you doing
Me: Fine and you? (automatic response)

E: I am ok, so how have you been?

At that point conversation might end.

Me: Sema, you called me
E: I just wanted to know how you are doing
Me: I am fine

Clearly no conversation or rather it is headed towards Indian Ocean's deepest spot.

Me: Ok, have a lovely time. Bye

Or another day i met with EX 1 and made all efforts to not meet then later i write an sms
Just saw you in town, how are you?
So what is wrong with me, i would rather spend 5/= than meet EX 1.
Mental note to see a counsellor

Or this day i received a BCT (GIM 07)
Meaning Booty Call Text

BC: HI, i have missed you, si you come over to my place
Not many people have guts to text me as such!
Me: Hi, i am well,
Clear screen first time, contemplates a response
Me again: Hi, i hope you are well. I am fine...eeeh
Me: I am well thanks.. uuuhmmm
Me: Eeh. I am well, fine thanks and you? I am sory can't come over, i am not feeling so well.
But that would mean once i got well, i am available
Somebody give me lessons
BC: Ok, get well soon

And this kumbaff who wanted to get me on Buzzted

K: HI, is this S (my colonial name)
Me: Yeah
K: I am calling from Safaricom and congrats you hve just won a holiday for 2 to the coast
Me: Slightly excited, Ok
K: Who would you like to go with?
Me: My sis
( Bubble burst)
K: Ok, whats her name? (disappointment speech)
Me: Says name
K gives instructions to pick the package et al and writes me a text

K: HI, i am sorry no holiday, just wanted to pull your leg,.
I almost said, I knew it , Kumbaff!!!

don't try some things on me, I am just a very private person.

That story on
Chatterly's blog is just too funny. Don't wanna be 37 and looking for hus. What do the horoscopes say. I am pisces.

So wishing y'all a Happy Valentines