Monday, January 22, 2007

Just my opinion

I have not had a chance to comment on all those things that go on in the crazy Kenya of ours. But since i have been tempted to come out of the woodwork and defend my namesake Bishop Margaret Wanjiru but not just for the sake of name.

I will say without blinking an eye that James Kamangu Ndimu joins the list of most pathetic Kenyan individuals who think it is alright to disperse sperm and sire then claim later that "I am the father of these children" So what? That is the most ubiquitous and ignorant statement i have heard in my life.

In all these unnecessary melee of paternity, marriage or what not, somehow the patriachal society we proudly believe and sing and partake of it as if it is uji for breakfast majority of Kenyan individuals whether by sheer ignorance or utmost stupidity believe that Kamangu should have a right to his wife " sigh". Now,why not then?

So what if our acts of copulation sired children? but not to simply dismiss these acts as there was a second time. But that is the past.

I dont believe that it is right for a child to denounce his father as the Wanjiru son did, infact in all this story that was the worst thing that happened. A child cannot denounce his father period.

But apart from knowing that Kamangu the man whose partakings must be cheaper than even the changaa Wanjiru thought he takes. The damn man could even talk without shaking uncontrollably. Yet, the man seems ready to tell the whole world that he is the father of her sons. That is as far as it goes.

In any case to me, i saw the epitome of irresponsibility, the ignorance of our men and women because i will not/ refuse to understand that the father owes his sons numerous responsibilities. First as a role model and secondly as a provider. Wanjiru had provided Kamangu (if at all) with two sons. Any African man will tell you how proud that makes him. But not Kamangu. The only connection he seems to have with his sons is that of sleeping with their mother and making her pregnant. So much!

Then to add insult to injury comes some amorphous group of men declaring that Wanjiru and Kamangu must share property equally . Obviously they have no idea when this happens. Because all along these irresponsible father of two sons had this idea that perhaps Wanjiru could now make him very rich. Ooh how sweet.
Look here
I take care of your sons shilling after shilling, go to school, and now you want my property. Why lie twisting of his head looks like a very lenient sentence to that dude. I will and continue to feel those women whose husbands (claimed or otherwise) forsake them (God forbid), date and court another (leaves them) and when her life is almost complete comes to proclaim that she is my common law wife (Ashindwe mara mbili)

I am the only few that seems to agree that James Kamangu should be treated with the utmost contempt that he deserves.