Thursday, January 04, 2007

200 post , New Year, yeah and husband crisis

Its January and its been raining the whole day. Something is not right in Kenya.

Anyway Happy New Year my good readers (assuming there is some left with all this long hiatuses). Thank you for reading for the past two years and yes this is my 200th post. So i am glad to still be blogging as a lot of them already bit the dust.

So holiday is over, and some of you are back to work but people not gainfully engaged like yours truly are learning how to be good housekeepers.
I wake up at 9 only to find out everyone else has left and there are dishes piled up in the sink which hitherto i thought washed themselves and realize they are actually mine for the washing!
Thats a story though for another day.

Husband crisis
I just met two girls discussing the husband crisis. On Christmas day, Kenya woke up to a very shocking and yet disturbing news that most girls of marriageable age (25 and over) i suppose would going to their mother's homes for xmas as opposed to their husbands. Haiyaaii now that i will be 25 this year i have actually added to their statistics Ngai fafa,

Maybe someone should actually define what this crisis mean :whither
No men to marry at all
The ones who are available are not yet ready to marry
All the marriageable ones are already married
There are no enough men justifying the 6:1 ratio which could have increased

However my theory is and still will be

  1. A lot of our men are in prisons & others have died in the hands of police. Crime in kenya is mainly a preserve of men though i dont say women commit crimes but count those out. Thats if they hadnt married before their confinement or death
  2. Brain drain=Men drain: single women are not very eligible for visas unfortunately. Count those men out if they go and marry the women they find elsewhere
  3. Infant mortality: so many young boys die in their infancy. Count those out
  4. The ever elusive Y chromosome

So now apart from that there is the high expectations posed by our women. They are singing everywhere

I love you for your pink cadillac and no romance without finance.

So for that i recommend immediate banning of mexican, spanish soaps and others like that.

But anywho who is worried. Si we are looking forward to reducing our population, the lesser marriages the lesser the population. No i didnt say that.

New year resolutions

So far i have two

  1. Learn to make chapattis
  2. Quit that drink

So peace be with you and Keep your noses clean 2007

Happy blogging