Tuesday, November 29, 2005


There are several things about myself i care to admit

That i can be incredibly lAzy
I would rather sleep
I am imperfect
I hardly tolerate HUman imperfections
That i don't act my AGE.
If i cared to WOrk HArder, i would regret LEss
THat if i wasn't a bit BRIght, everyone WOUld realize that I AM laZY
THat is the REAson i am browsing at WOrk
I hardly LOve
I PROtect myself ReaLLY,THat is WHY the above is TRue
I hate being told I AM laZY
BECause it is TRue
I am on MY Way to recovery
I EAsily get DEPressed
I taKE THIngs personally
I wish i was born in a RICH famiLY
I am a bit SELfish
It is hard to notice the ABove
I can hardly keep quiet
IF I am not talking, i am writing
I THink a LOt
I easily drift away during sermons
That is why I WOULD easily forget where i just placed my keys
OOH I FOrget a lot
I only Lie when i have a reason
I like people
I don't like most of my relatives
But i know they are important
That i have been lucky at least for most of my life
That my biggest fear is POVERTY
That i can be a MORALIST
That some parents tell their daughters to look upto me
THat i was called to a school to encourage KCPE candidates
I am not a conformist
Hence the worst employee you will ever have, but i didn't say this
The word PLANNING only appears in the dictionary and have no bearing on me
That i hadn't planned to write this
KBW is like home
I can be a best friend
People trust me easily
That cannot be said of me, i hardly trust anyone.
That i also have a blogcrush
I wrote this to get it out of my chest.