Monday, November 14, 2005

Still Around

Hey guys, i am sorry i am not able to post regularly as i used to. Just a bit busy, last time when i was around Nick Boo, was claiming that he has declared war on Sandman but it seemed him and Saurabh were getting the best of each other. Guess had a blog crush in none other than the indefatigable Milo...wewe seems this is not going well with Nick no wonder he is having that IMS, sorry bro pamoja jo.

Anyway just up and about, a bit disoriented but will get there. Miss all of you, the wise words of Poi and Prousette. See MJY is back to business, but she didn't say where she was, don't we all demand an explanation. Anyway word has it that after dissing her about her clocks, she didn't take it all too well. This is what at least Akiey thinks and all this was Mshairi's doing. Thanks people she didn't execute her threats.

Everyone seems to be doing that what do you want to know about me, if you don't believe me, that is exactly what Thinker has been upto. At least there is one thing i wanna know about this guy, what did Chris Murungaru do to him?

So guys have a nice week. Hope to be back soon