Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I am not talking, not at least in our office. Everyone here is screaming some unintelligible words like " Kikuyu Oriti". I fail to understand how one tribe is a thorn in the flesh for a whole 50+ tribes in Kenya. So what is the celebration, Kikuyus lost or what?

Well i am not going to be spare my words here, it is fairly simple, it is a shame that 40+ tribes in Kenya could only deliver 1M more votes, meaning if we all voted we could have done it alone. I am sorry i am getting all tribal now but you know i have realized this damn process was all about tribe and tribal affiliation.

Either way someone is DAMN LYING and that man's name is RAILA. He has proved to me , that a person can fool the same people ALL THE TIME. Whatever MEN! I didn't believe that YES was going through but for totallly different reasons which had nothing to do with tribal affiliations.

Anyway Kenyans you were to lose,either way you voted. If you voted well you would have ended up with a Wanjiku Constitution, who said Wanjiku can make a constitution??? WTF does Wanjiku know about making a LAW? By voting NO you were voting for PERSONAL INTERESTS. No one of those LUMINARIES or whatever they are calling them? SAME OLD SHIT. You need votes, hook up tribal BIGWIGS (IS IT?). I am so grateful that Kibaki went this all alone, at least he can get rid of all those BUFFOONS he calls ministerswithout any FEAR OR FAVOUR. No one will ever say that he owes him a favour.

Some people argue if Kibaki went it alone, he could have lost,. True but think of it this way IF Raila was the chosen candidate, he couldn't have gone past LUO Nyanza!!

That is Tribal Politics and i hate it but that is how it is.HATE IT OR LOVE IT.