Friday, September 02, 2005

Thank God it's Friday

Thank God it's Friday though for me it makes no difference.Thank you for those who prayed for me. I am well now. I am having drama with browsers. I think i will stick to Mozilla now, Opera my favourite just sucks. I wanted to change the outlook of my blog, i got bored with all those things in the previous outlook and in every attempt opera just frustrated me.

Now i want to pick a template elsewhere, i have been trying to do it but to no success . Poi , some advise please.

I am officially looking for a job ofcourse not as a dentist, I have no business interfering with people's dental formula.

At this moment in life i feel all of these things

1. Changing Career............. to what?

2. Relocating to another world where there are no
i. Traffic Jams
ii. Rape cases
iii. Dirty streets
iv. Lower than low politicians
v. A bad economy

3.Going back to school
Of course you cannot be an eternal student but i think it would be a happy feeling on one condition NO EXAMS

4. Having a nice House

5. Loosing weight
Dear Friends, i will never go on top of a weighing machine again!

6. Money Money.....who said that money is like the sixth sense without which the other 5 cannot function. Absolutely right.

7. Getting Married...i would be lying.

8.A nice car..........