Monday, May 04, 2009


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She likes my style of writing and that is why I must do the tagJ

Lets see, honesty is my best policy so here it goes. Honestly I stole some question and style from Our Kid

Tell us about one annoying habit you have.

I like to ask questions. Many. I am never satisfied with just one answer. i like to know everything. I guess that’s what motivated google. That means I google a lot. I google the names of movie characters when the movie is going on, I google everything I think it’s important then of course google what is very unimportant.

Picture this; did you know Madonna and Angelina Jolie fought over a girl? A Chinese girl called Shimizu. google can confirm.

Tell us about your house.

I do not have a house, only a bedroom and I recently bought a fluffy pink blanket. Eew.

Do you love politics?

Yes I do, that is why I don’t watch news anymore because that would mean I would hate politics. Can you imagine a grown ass man complaining about nusu kapeti….

Why do you switch off your phone when you sleep

Because I love to sleep, I love to sleep so much and my ring tone is also annoying. I also have trouble falling asleep if woken up at 3 and then I start blogging in my head. Then waste another whole day trying to catch up on lost sleep.

What makes you happy?

I am always almost trying to keep myself happy. That can mean a lot of things, I avoid sadness. I am also an escapist.

Something embarrassing

Falling on the streets. Nothing beats it while strutting mitumba high heels (sic)

Why are you still blogging (I thought the X generation of blogging is long gone)

Because I have one thousand conversations in my head. Somebody might want to study girlinthemeadow for their campus literature project. I kid you not. I am now writing a study guide.

Is you and your blog persona different

Yes. While I appear to be very opinionated and a bit exciting on my blog, the real me does not have an opinion and yes a bit dull and unexciting.  You cannot read much. Others say I am hard to please. In my blog, one comment can please me quite.

Are you judgmental and if so why?

Yes I am judgmental. About 40minutes, no 5 minutes I figure out much. Do I really want to spend an entire hour with you, do I make an exit plan, do I call for additional company. Sometimes and rarely I am wrong. I especially hate the ones with double lives, that I can clearly see.

Are you independent /fiercely independent/both/dependent

I can be all. But I prefer being independent.. I like to have my own stuff, do whatever I like. My mum quit her job, she was dependent on  a man. I didn’t like what I saw. I prefer to be independent.

Why can’t you still cook chapattis/drive a car

See this was a perfect weekend to learn how to cook chapattis, but going out is more attractive. Damn thank God polygamy is being allowed, I can settle easily to third position with no pressures of making perfect chapattis. I love that polygamy law, how come nobody thought about it earlier.

How are bloggers in their real life like, I heard you have met all of them

Yeah I have met most of the generation X bloggers by choice and design. They are awesome quite unlike normal humanJ. No they are just normal people with jobs, wives, cars blah blah blah. I especially think they are the smartest people, I hang around Not kidding most generation X bloggers are achievers.







  1. You should never switch off your phone when you go to sleep. What if the world is ending and someone wants to wake you up so that you can witness this historic event?

    He he. Falling on streets.

    As for the chapattis, gawsh.. it is an art. No lessons required. It is all in the genes. You miss the gene pool, you are out.

    PS. I had tagged you as GITM so.. good one! That also means I think your blogging is fabuloso!

  2. Nice one and not adding anything more..
    Second Our Kid on switching off the phone. Hello Kuna jam

  3. I always wonder how u manage to balance on those pin-pointed high heels. just saw a lady nearly fall hapo Ecobank house in tao this afte afta one heel got stuck in btn the pavement slabs

  4. Lol @our kid, on why you should not turn off your phone.

    Polygamy law?!!Seriously?!?! We needed a law? How can this law be broken?

  5. you shoot from the hip girl... love it.. if anyone ever figures out how to through down a decent chapati let me know.

  6. It feels too good to have own stuff. To make your own decisions. Nice.