Monday, December 10, 2007

Randomness as usual

I have no any logical system of thinking thats why i cannot unleash those long posts that make you grab a cup of water.
Now, i am just wondering

If J.J. Kamotho was still the Sec Gen of LDP and KJ joined ODM, would they have a discussion as to whom the real Kamotho is.

I used to think Kenyans are forgiving and forgetful, not until i heard someone repeat the "scandal" in Kenyan modeling history. Naah its not a scandal it was Yolanda Masinde saying Mariah Carey was her role model. Ok, good peoples lets forget that part of Yolanda and remember that she was the Most Beautiful Miss Kenya whutz that they have these days. As Oyunga (yes him) says beauty queens are not supposed to have brains, what would the rest of them (read us) do?