Monday, June 06, 2011

Banking in the Dinosaur Age

I had the unfortunate event of losing my bank ATM and my cheque book. I bank with this Diva Bank

Until then, i was happily into our relationship. I loved the bank for the simple pleasures of no queues.

Then i lost my ATM.

This bank is as rigid as they come. They won't let you anywhere near your money if you don't have your cheque book. Worse still, i applied for a replacement card, and instead of a sympathetic " we will get you another one as soon as possible", what i got is a dismissive, wait for your ATM after eight working days and then her eyes rolled on to NEXT on line.

It's not that i expected that we would get into the emotions of losing your cards in a cash economy. Well, even if it was card, i was still out of luck.

Now, here i am 2 weeks later, no money, no cards.

Somebody let me know why this relationship is not irretrievably broken.