Thursday, April 16, 2009

GAL CODE part 1

1. Don't touch/flirt/call/text and other insane variations of looking interested;
(a) Your gal's boyfriend (No brainer)
(b) Your gal's ex- Unless you meet in the next life
(c) Your gal's love interest.
When it is a matter of life, death or purgatory.. I mean she must have asked you to call him.
2. Don't drink
(a) and pass out. It's embarassing unless you are 18-21 years of age
(b) make insane accusations towards everyone like he touched my butt and begin fighting
(d)flirt with everyone
3. Badmouthing your gal
It is incredulous that most chics find it extremely amusing and entertaining to air their best gal's laundry to their boyfriends, all and sundry.Your gal shares with you because she trusts you. If you share it, you deserve a place next to Akinyi and Wanjala i.e. in an Indian Jail 
4. Thou shall never leave your gal's handbag behind. Unless there is a fire.
5. When your gal argues with her man
(a) Shut- Best option
(b) Smile and hope the argument will go away
(c) Commence a phone call
(d) Look away as if to call the waiter
Thou shall not
(a) Pitch in
(b) Support either. When you have to; support your gal, common sense
(c) Support the guy. Never