Thursday, August 02, 2007

V is for Vivid

I vividly remember when i received a call from this dude.

Imagine you are going about your business and are trying to vividly remember all the things that you want to do and someone calls;

"My name is Ngugi from this village". Do you vividly remember me? He he hehe. Thats my mum's village. So i try hard, first of all everyone in mymum's village goes by the name Ngugi or Mwaura. So he says mimi ni Ngugi Wa Mwaura. Do you know just how effn hard that is for me.

So he texts
"When we talked this afternoon, you said you couldn't vividly remember me. Anyway we met in 1999 and had a lengthy chat at your grandpas home"

Gosh that dude has vivid imagination. I not only not vividly remember him I don't at ALL! dUH

Ok i was impressed that i had made some real impression on a dude who had waited for 8 long years (just how long did Jacob wait for Rachel?) and call me. So i didn't answer back rudely. Ok i learnt not to rudely text back after some dude had been flashing twice, thrice and i told him i was going to kill him if he flashed me again. That was vivid imagination. Shiroh cannot even harm a dead fly. Then he wrote and said, i was just trying to help you, i got your wallet! I hadn't even by then realized my wallet was missing. You can just imagine the embarassment and the bribing i had to do.

anyway this is all i wanted to text him and say
In 1999

I was still thinking Maths, Physics, History
I was extremely innocent

What coulda have happened since then
I have met eons of people
Kibaki has become president
There has been 9/11
A White/black Obama making waves in the US
I have finished Uni and spent 2 years out


How in the endless things could i even remember a random face i met in 1999? True product of Vivid imagination