Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Go fast

i don't if its just me but this year is hard to keep up with. A new month begins and voila its over before you can say 2nd!

this is the year for all kinds of disturbances. how i now wish elections were every 15 years. Who will let people know that we are tired. of half truths, boot licking, mediocrity, violence. How is a person capable of opening their mouths and saying things he knows are impossible?

Of what fabric are these people made of. that one day you show undying love to a brother and the next day you could order his execution. What does democracy ever meant?

Does it mean we cant produce even one honest person. one who will say the truth? It started so early, we have gone beyond. The spoken word does not have any weight any more.

I just can't wait these elections to be over, then we can go on with what we do best.