Monday, April 16, 2007

Rusty....Second name

Maybe i shoulda written,,..I am back!!! and with a bang.

Hell No! I am not, just making sure that the landlord has not ejected me out from dear blog, I know we have no tenancy agreement so my rights could expire without due notice. Now that i have confirmed i am still a bona fide owner of this blog (he he he) or rather sitting rights have not expired, i can go back to rustiness and pretend to be very busy!!! or what do people who seldom update their blogs say.

And talking of people i have come to realize all writers are sadists! and still at that they thrive on people's failures

Bridget Jones- She who failed at maintaining weight (or rather failed at keeping body fat at minimum levels) and still at that failed to get a proper boyfriend.


Belle De Jour- Failed at getting a proper job after college and became a london call girl......wella that might be the best.

Who is watching the Celtel Challenge? I am not convinced me that some people are that BRIGHT or rather that knowledgeable. I have this convincing feeling that Kenyans will win all the challenges (bite me!).

So me i have riden on bodabodas and was jealous that the other boda boda has ngomas and the one i was riding didn't have.And i am lying i even had thoughts of being jealous, half the time i was saying some prayers. The bodabodas have no insurance so if they angushad you? I am not even guessing.

How is 2007?

Ok, i just had my first class of chapos courtesy of
this one and yesterday i Failed at making any of those round chapos. I will keep trying though.

How do you respond to female discrimination?
Answer : You don't

Is it just me or all the winners of the Nguruma pickups are all dark Men?