Thursday, January 18, 2007

Govt Clinic

I will tell you the truth the last time i was sick i went to a local city council clinic in Kasarani. Dont ask why but that was the closest of clinics i could get and my stomach was pretty messed up. Anyway this is the story;

11.00 checks into the clinic

11.30 still waiting to pay 20/= to see the doc. The clerk had gone for tea after reporting at 10 as i was told. Never mind this is a health clinic

11.45 Pays 20/= and queues like the rest of the folks to see the doc

12.00 Sees the doctor. I say hi and he asks me "Shida Iko wapi?" I almost recovered at this point. So i explain the misbehaviour of things i don't want to mention here. Given lab prescription

12.00-1.00 Waits for lab results. The lab tech tells me "please come". I heart beating because i don't particularly like being asked to get into a lab room. Thinks of last prayers

1.01- dashes to the cyber cafe to check what possible disease that could be and what it means for me and my future children. Finds out i have parasitic infection meaning i have been hosting some ungodly creatures in dear stomach

2.00 Go back to the doctor who is still out for lunch

2.30 Doctor comes and asks if anyone to see him

2.35 doctor proclaims i am free of Malaria and typhoid only those small ungodly creatures.

2.36 leaves the clinic with a heavy heart because of the said ungodly creatures and prescription

All in all i only paid 20/= and medicine 200/= not so bad for a broke ass like me and so i am healed.

But if you have to go to a city council clinic please go with a not so urgent disease otherwise you will die on the benches waiting.

That is the latest story of my life