Monday, September 12, 2005


When i said i wanted to go to a country where there were no dirty streets , rapings ..somebody said i should be content. Of course i have been content for more than 20 years.
But you know what in those 20 years
1. I have been mugged was really bad i lost everything.
2. I have lost friends to rising insecurity.
3. I have lost friends in Traffic Road Accident that could be avoided.
4. The women who are raped may not be my friends but my heart cries out every time i hear a woman has been raped.
5.I go home at around 8 and i have to practically run coz if i walk slowly i will of course attract a thug. Mind you i live in a place considered safe by many.
6. I have to hug my handbag otherwise i am helped by some Kenyan to carry it.
7. I cannot wear real jewellery , somebody "might cross" with my ear or neck.
8 The worst thing nothing is being done about it.

In short past and present Governments have failed in protecting its citizenry however you look at it. Whether ORANGE OR BANANA i am not just secure in this country.

Yet one solution of dealing with crime is lighting up the streets. Look at this judgement the court gave to shoot down Esther Passaris efforts Go to case of the week and read the judgement in Republic v City Council of Nairobi & another ex parte Monier 2000 Ltd & 7 others

I actually found every minute i am out of the office , i am in fear. I am not discontented for nothing.