Friday, September 09, 2005

Might this be a joke?

The Draft constitution at a glance resembles Kibaki on a wheelchair, on closer look it seems twisted like the mouth of Kiraitu and has everything to do with the character,conduct and association of chris Murungaru.
The message ends with a request to send it to three people as a campaign to the NO VOTE.
That is what the constitution review has been reduced to , a butt of jokes like it is not what is supposed to govern this country for the next so years.
Of course this low politicians are not interested in the welfare as usual , so we all say the draft constitution is 20% wrong ,Ladies and gentlemen shouldn't we be campaigning to have the 20% changed to make it 100%. Do you remember my wish list. TRUE i am tired of this country and one day i will say it is not my fault that i was born in this country but i am not confined in it & so will my children not be.
Somebody give me reasons why they think i should continue watching siasa kidogo right under my own very nose. I am beaten , i have no voice.