Monday, September 19, 2005

Forgive me

I lost my everything on Friday. That doesn't mean my house was stolen, i mean my bag got lost. It is my everything as far as things are concerned. Sitting at 680 and having the best of my evening only to realize my bag is stolen
There was a conversation like this
M: Check your bag you might have a message, your sis is asking me where you are.
A bit intoxicated confused Shiroh thinks M has taken my bag and is joking with me.
M: I am serious and she is saying something about your dad. My sis always informs me when my dad is home and i am out late so that we can come up with a suitable plan.
Shiroh doesn't care this particular evening. Blame it on alcohol.
I go like please give me my bag, now a bit serious that i can't find it and looking all over.
Then it is said there were 3 mamas sitting just next to us. It turns out i can't get my bag yaani it was gone. No fight, not aware just like all it's predecessors. I for one will accept very fast when something has happened and i am not about to ruin this night becoz IKIIENDA NDUGU YANGU IMEENDA " When it's gone, its gone.

Now back to what i should have been doing on that Friday, I should have been in class by 5.30 upto 7.30 then go home. I didnt do any of those now my good old dad will have to go back to his pockets and fork out some good cash to restitute me at least . Because i cannot live without my spects and phone. So forgive me father for i have sinned.