Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seriously..Send Harambee Stars to World Cup

There are a million things wrong with Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee Government. But this one takes the cup.

Please help me understand, if you wanted to clean your city, would you start by buying brooms, garbage cans etc or you would go to see the cleanest city in the world?

How a populist decision can that be. I used to think Raila was a populist but this kijana *ahem* takes the cup.

Running a country i presume requires some strategic thinking not populist decisions unless it is election time.

Here are some thing Uhuru may require to do;

1. Find out why the team is not performing as he expects.

2. Marshall resources to fix the problem; human and capital.

3. Prune anyone who is not helpful for the game.

4. Train the team.

Stop wasting your money Mr. President and just use a little of the brain resources around you.