Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things on my mind


With fuel prices moving up from Ksh. 96.00 to Ksh. 115.30, things are beginning to look thick. I think it's high time we printed the Ksh. 5,000 note as it is only worth a few things in the supermarket these days.

Is it a coincidence that fuel, food prices are heading upwards while the foreign exchange rates going up every other day. Such a time is when the CBK governor should give someone else a chance to see if things can be improved.

2012 Politics

There is so little to say about the current crop of politicians. I have no hope in them and do not think there is much to expect in the next 5-10years. Maybe they will prove me wrong.


It's a sad day in Africa, a sad day in the world. How can a continent full of resources be facing famine? As we speak hordes of people from Somalia are moving to the refugee camps in Kenya.

Amy Winehouse

Now this post looks all sad and groomy but how can i not mention Amy Winehouse! May she R.I.P. She was a talented singer and many have mourned the waste of talent but it seems as an African would say, her day had come. She fought with drugs for many years but she lost the battle.

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  1. I agree and have maintained for sometime now that a it's time for a Kshs 5,000 note