Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the White African- The Diasporan

This post is in no way reference to the great

I have this friend i used to know many many years ago.

She went to America via the Village Harambee.

Her Visa expired but hang in there and got legal status ala the marriage to citizen way.

She comes back and tells me.

ooh how Fourth World Africa is (sigh).

How comes there is all this dusty roads (the earth's natural way is tarmacked, she must think)

I won't eat anything otherwise i will diarrhoea.

I am so scared of all these blacks in one place (bitch slap)

I can't wait to go home she says (where is home).

How do you in the world deal with this White African.

More white than white is.

She has acquired this accent that God knows where from.

I have met many ex-Ke Diaspora fellas but none like her.

It isn't a wonder that Africa (sic) is (gasp) Fourth world).

She suggests i move to America.

I wonder why.

I love being a Black African.

And i suggest, the earth is naturally dusty and artificially tarmacked.

God must have known you needed the soil to make crops.

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