Monday, January 17, 2011

When you are conned; Dear Esther Arunga

Religion is the opium of the masses- Karl Marx

There is one thing you need to know. Women are gullible especially when the word love is mentioned and with abundance. Mostly a woman needs to hear she is loved often and that that man cares about her. Any man can have any woman if he can convince her he really does love her. The contrary is so applicable for men. The more a woman loves a man, the more the man doesn't want her. The story of our lives.

It's with this, i say forgive Esther Arunga. She has been conned by one of the baddest boys of our times, Mr. Quincy Timberlake. Typical, bad boy who can't even speak English.  Imagine some guy who goes throwing words like "I will make her happy forever" or something corny like that. See interview with Pregnant magazine;

It began here, with hot secrets and rumours;

The rumours were confirmed;

Then her life went down in this manner;

She quit her job
Sold her spa
Married a phony
Now a mother to mini-phony

Not how her parents envisioned her life would be i am sure. If they are just like any other parents, they must have done several harambees and you know talked to a few aunties and uncles to send her study in Australia. One day, they envisioned she would be a lawyer and make the mulla. Well, she did even better. She became the symbol of the composed sophisticated news reader who caught our attention. Mine, mostly admiration. How could a woman be so confident. Well, she didn't even look like she cared if her hair had moved a bit.

Lots of interviews, threats, court cases, political parties and vice presidential ambitions later, a man spoke. His name was Hellon. He confirmed what we knew, that a Mr. Timberlake was a CON. No explanations offered. See Media Madness take on this

The best characteristic of a CON is that he believes everything is possible. Think of that Shinda Smart early text in the morning reminding you that you could be the winner of Ksh. 6Million, only if you send that text. Endless possibilities. Think of the love song lyrics "I will go and bring you the moon" . If you think Esther Arunga is foolish, then all the rest of the Kenyans sending all those texts are as foolish as they come. The con made her live in a bubble. Her world was perfect with him, or so he wanted her to believe. And if so, why should she care about her job or her spa. Then one day she will wake up and realize that reality is beckoning and that's the day her whole world will crumble.

Fairy tales ladies and gentlemen are the things minds of women are made of.

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P/S If you ever read this Esther Arunga, just dust yourself  and move on like it never happened. Don't even discuss it.

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