Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you know why your business is failing?

I am no intellectual in doing business. Actually i have done very little business. I am a professional. Sometimes professionals do business, most of the times they do not.

But all the same, i will give you a little hint as a customer of businesses as to why your smart business self is not making any money 2 years later. I know you hired that smart business executive to make you smart business plan that convinced the bank manager to give you money but back to basics.

Your sales people.

I have no words for this people..

Picture this, i have gone to buy a phone. I ask the sale rep about the specifications and she(mostly beautiful) tells me she does not know. How now? You actually employ someone to sit in your shop to sell you things that she does not know about. In fact, most of the times, whether i am buying a camera, a bootleg movie, a phone i am always met with a i do not know. Beauty is overrated.

Seriously, stop everything and hire a sales person who actually understands what you sell. Companies like Nokia, Samsung, Safaricom and other serioius companies are always hosting workshops for their products. There are movie previews that are free on the internet. And a sales rep does not know what product they are selling is simply a bad idea.

I went to a fair over the past weekend. You can tell the sales people judge people by the way they look. Just tell them to judge people by their ability to produce money once the item is sold. If you think i cannot afford (sometimes i can't) i will not buy even if i had the money to buy.

So stop concentrating on all your smart business plans, your beatiful accounting graphs and just hire a sales person who can sell.


  1. Hi Shiro *waving*
    Most businesses (and public service providers) owe their existence to the lack of alternatives experienced by most consumers. One we get them we switch faster than you can say Zuka! You remember Telkom Kenya's pathetic services and the now defunct call boxes?
    A sales person is just an reflection of the overall attitude of the business owner.

  2. Hi Prousette..waah it's been quite a long time. How are you and the little one (am sure not any more the little).

    Now, Ooh yes i remember Telkom Kenya and how couldn't i? If they had bothered to update their services or provide the services, they would be the market leaders now.

    I just wonder how can one invest so much on a business and fail to invest well on their sales people Double fail