Friday, September 24, 2010

The Kenyan Tweep

Ya'll know the Kenya online movement started with the bloggers, then facebook and now the almighty

The Kenyan tweep is someone who although on facebook, will repeatedly tweet "facebook is a village">

Will hold out tweeting about Churchill Live until someone does then R/T (retweet) because they must check out if it's cool to like or hate. If someone says bleh then bleh it is. If someone tweets a joke, then it's a joke already! Common though is the Kenyan tweep hates tribal jokes (no pun). i don't think more about the tribal joke apart from the funny part of it. Look here, tribalism is as old as racism and as new as racism. To mean, it is really not going anywhere.

The Kenyan tweep attends the IT focused kind of events. I see things like i hub, TedX and furiously tweet during the event. So if you are not so inclined, skip on this one or you just won't understand:)

The .ke tweep will celebrate if a Kenyan topic is trending on the world timeline. It's almost as having a Kenyan on the elusive Forbes list. Just type #promulgation on twitter.

Nearly most of the world doesn't understand twitter. And for those who do, they remain the so cool that can't be on facebook of course unless twitter is down.


  1. am still deciding if twitter is better than FB

  2. Hey,
    what your post describes isnt exactly what you would call a 'kenyan' tweep as there are other tweeps who do relly good work on their pages and who are inspirational on many aspects.

  3. Hi shiroh :-)

    Its been ages..ha

    I can see u are still blogging unlike some of us..

  4. i just joined tweeter yesterday. i don't really know why. mostly because i feel i should, or else be left behind by, er, i don't know what. technology trends? now i have to learn hashtags and such and wait for what next. oh well.