Friday, November 27, 2009


I have unhealthy reading habits. Sometimes i am on a reading spree and other times i could say i am on a reading sabbatical. Either way, i could say my reading habits goes back to when my dad would buy me books with titles like The sun and the Wind and also buy the Kiswahili version of Jua na Upepo.

My first books were mainly by African writers. To say i once read real African books. Of course i will be honest that apart from the collection of African poetry i have, i have hardly read a book by an African writer ever since the Son of Fate by John Kiriamiti. My attempts to read the Minister's Daughter were thwarted by the Dad ( I wonder why).

Then the days i read all the Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steele were over.

I don't remember reading more than 2 fiction books during my campus days. I think there was too much to do besides read a book. I mean freedom to do whatever it is at whatever time and with whoever you felt  with.

So now i have just finished reading a rather gripping Memoir by Frank McCourt. A book i have had for a year. Maybe it is because sadly Mr. McCourt passed on sometimes this year and i felt obligated to read his book. It was an excellent reading. No need to wonder why people love writers of Irish origin. Let me remind you Oscar Wilde was Irish. And if you have had the pleasure to read Maeve Binchy then you have been to Dublin Ireland severally. There is something about the Irish being able to churn good stories.

Now, i am onto the Brothers Karamazov, another hugely frightening book. But since i have heard it is almost a vain life to have lived without going through this book, i have vowed to finish it. The first chapter is interesting enough!

And if you ever come by a book by Stephen King called Dolores Clairbone, do not bypass it. Read on, it's hilarious.

What are you currently reading?


  1. Study has dictated my reading habits, and the pattern is much the same - I cram lots in when I'm on a break, and during terms I barely read anything non-scientific.
    At the moment I'm reading a book called "Like Water for Chocolate", by Laura Esquivel - Mexican, I think. It's about forbidden love... told through recipes. It's smart, and beautiful - so far I'd definitely recommend it!

    P.S I see you're from Nairobi! I'm dating a guy who's family lives in Ruai...

  2. 很耐斯的部落格,留言支持你繼續加油........................................

  3. I have the Biiiig copy of the Brother\s Karamazov. Haven't finished reading it as someone borrowed it 'for good'.