Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conversation with Vendor

I was buying veggies from a vendor yesterday and we had this conversation.
Me: Prices are going up every day what's up
Vendor: That is why we are not getting married
Me:ooh, why is that?
Vendor: Now, the last time i bought maize flour it was Fifty shillings, how much is it now, you might know yourself.
Honestly i don't do shopping
When i don't know something, i just smile
Vendor: Wacha mtu akae kwao na mimi nikae kwetu, tuonane Sunday and then we can pretend to be married
Vendor: Can you imagine the way life is hard, what if i have to take a child to school, the cheapest is 3k, Si nitakufa?
Me: You can't die, you just pray to God to provide
Vendor: If God was among us, i could go direct to know but now i don't even know where He is
At that point i laughed, paid and left.


  1. Lol. Great conversation. I have had one or two in the same vein with a few people- mostly how expensive it is to have children ! Look forward to more from you

  2. A typical international school in this country charges around 200-350k per term for a day scholar. Some boarders pay 600K+. And every day you see those buses full.

    Kenya is fast becoming a land of extreme disparities.

  3. The disparities btwn the rich and the poor is so extreme such that one may think there are two countries called kenya......very sad

  4. Nice blog.Life is getting harder day by day.At the moment don't know where we are heading to. God have mercy on us.