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I have just realized that i attend some events that are bloggable but i do not blog about them.
So on Saturday, 29th November 2008 about 200 (give or take 100) of about the ages 20-60 (again give or take), i am not very good with details gathered at the Kenya Wildlife Service for a short walk at the Nairobi Nature Walk.Each mentee was paired up with a mentor. There was a shortage of mentors though so many ended up with 2 or 3 mentees. I am really hoping that more women will volunteer to be mentors as it is clearly there a lot of young girls willing to be mentored.
This is a walk we are told happened in about 7-8 countries at the same day (well not time). The walk is an idea developed by Geraldine Laybourne who incorporated mentoring into her busy schedule by inviting young women to join her on her daily walks through Central Park,. [Source]
A woman from the ages 21-30 was considered a mentee (well apart from Hope Mwinzi the chairperson of the Young Women and Business Professional Club) and beyond that age a mentor (it didn't work, a lot of these women turned up as mentors).
What i realized was there are thousands of people who want to be mentored and so for those of you that are business minded, this is an area you can tap in.I learnt a lot from my mentor, luckily she happened to be in the same field that i am in and we jelled really easily. She was a natural leader and gave me a lot of insights that could have taken 5 books to deliver all in two hours. Until then i had not realized the power of mentorship or having someone older and wiser talk to you about stuff that you sweat on. She could easily have said ":ooh shut, what is it that you are you are worried about?", she didn't. She listened, asked questions and when i was done talking, she gave me 5 alternatives to what i thought was an issue.
Muthoni Garland ( ) and Nyokabi Njuguna ( are two women with horse power. They took the event, made it a reality and even got us a few freebies. I don't know what can give someone that kind of energy .
Overall, it was a really great event and i look forward to having it next year.

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  1. It was a wonderful moment and like you I learnt alot you know. Hope many can turn up for these events.