Wednesday, July 11, 2007

22things to ABSOLUTELY love or hate about NAIROBIANS

  1. Nairobians like staring at pregnant women (hate)
  2. Nairobians like staring generally (love) can do wonders for your self esteem
  3. Nairobians are always in a hurry
  4. But if you stare at space, Nairobians will stop and stare with you despite 3
  5. Nairobians don't have xenophobia, they love people (love)
  6. It is possible to get home without bus fare. Cook a story on losing your wallet (they love people)
  7. There are Nairobians who need just 20/= to get where they are going. Dont fall for them
  8. Lovers of beer
  9. It is easier for a Nairobian to buy you buy beer than Lunch (refer to 8)
  10. They hate laws
  11. Look at Nairobians looking for their safety belts when a cop passes by and releasing them soon
  12. Nairobi girls are really fly. They don't even need make up
  13. Nairobi Men come in different sizes.
  14. Rich/poor, short/tall, brown/black, nice/BAD
  15. Nairobi bad boys don't exactly mean wealthy
  16. When they talk about bad girls they mean easy and loose
  17. You can get mugged in the town as everybody watches and STARES
  18. Pubs are second homes really
  19. We love talking, on the fone, to strangers in Matatus
  20. The rave is where people meet (no longer in church)
  21. Some lie blatantly "I am in Nyeri right now) and they are inthe Mat
  22. You are either from the East or the West and the language is different


  1. How true about Nairobians...kwanza number 8.

    Alafu, number 12 is sooo true!!!

    Its been a minute. I hope you are good!

  2. that was cute and damn true about nairobians.......but u forgot something,,,,"they always know want people from elsewhere taht they are really nairobians.........

  3. Nairobians dont smile when walking...

    Nairobians STARE at Cameras when a person is being interviewed ad do all sorts of things just coz they'll be on TV (hate)....

    I love the ones u have done. Alll very true...esp 21

  4. Oh you are so right.

    I have been guilty of 21

  5. @Mocha, how have you been? We love our beer

    @Chatterly,you walk around Nairobi, you will fly mamas.

    @hagamaniacs, ooh yeah, if they go elsewhere that is

    @unyc, LOOl at that one and make faces at the camera.Lets say the word is STARE.

    @acolyte, come back dear

    @jm, welcome back to our city

    @gish, ooh yeah you can add some

  6. Nairobians are generally very impolite when walking in the streets stepping on others shoving hitting all in their hurry (soo true) to god knows where.

  7. Prousette, u watched Crush the movie?I think the starting line is 'It's the sense of touch.Any real city, you walk, you're bumped, brush past people....think we miss that touch so much,we crash into each other just to feel something', i guess its the same case with Nai.
    Shiroh that is so true about Nai esp. about people always talkin even to strangers.Done that lotsa times ;)