Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When It Rains

When It rains in Nairobi

It rained in Nairobi yesterday. And…………..

It rains money

The matatu hike their fares. How else would you explain that? Only I missed the pebbles that could come with rain.

It rains money

Where do all this umbrellas come from?
“Mwavuli na mia”

And the rain takes away the lights

It is more likely that during this time, lights go out.

And the cars do not move. Huge Traffic Jams

Ooh rain rain….go away go go away .

John Githongo

We do want to believe you
We do recognize your great act of honor
But J.G, will you please stand up
Tell us, who is it you are fighting
It no longer appears
That you were fighting corruption!!

Mama Africa

Your cultures savage they say
Your beliefs archaic they add
Your practices barbaric
Ooh Mama Africa
What do thou have?

Some excerpts from a book I read

For now is all I have

Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labour of the lazy.
I am not lazy
Tomorrow is the day the evil becomes good
I am not evil
Tomorrow is the day the weak becomes strong
I am not weak
Tomorrow is the day the failure will succeed
I am not a failure

I will act now


  1. I remember those good old rainy days in Nai.In some peverse way I actually do miss them.
    Nice post!
    ps:Tell kibet to holla at me ASAP as regards the project!

  2. John Githongo hasn't got a 24 million-a-year job to keep, not a place in Kenyan socialite circles to maintain, not a boss to keep happy. Is there any other reason why he would lie?

  3. I think Githongo is trying to explain why he's in exile and why he still feels under threat. (He was smart to have his lawyer at his side in London to back up his story)

  4. don't you feel sometimes like you wish the rain could take away the pain, the corruption, the fakeness? Sometimes when it rains, i try not to hear the clummer of "Mavuli mia, mia!", i try to hear the splatter of the soft drop landing, i try to see past the fact that fare suddenly shot up to be 50, but look at the dripping on the matatu window and think, today some farmer is ecstatic.

  5. the worst place to be when it rains is at the city centre. quite chaotic.

    as for the githongo, he should be man enough to say everything he knows and help kenya rather than his sip by sip approach over many years.

  6. john g had better clean up his act...
    he is behaving like a kid who begrudges his foes when it suits him.
    mara karua has balls!!

  7. When it rains all hell breaks lose! Its like pple r hypnotised n just act as zombies without any thot...u just c n think rain.
    As 4 Githongo, i think his tellin the truth. he has nothin to gain or lose like mwenye nchi has said.
    N the list of shame dint feel complete for me. I think some names were missing and he should release them bcoz Martha Karua might have removed them...

  8. First, i do think Githongo had to bring out everything as it wass supposed to and no big words for him.

    Now Nairobi and rain is taxing...Atleast the time i have been there,,..trouble.

    Sometimes it becomes too hot that we start wishing for rain not knowing that we are asking voluntarily our pockets to bleed too highly when the rainss fall...

    But no big deal, we shall always do what they say or else WALK BACK HOME AND GET SMOKED UP on the way.

  9. I am always so glad there are umbrellas to help shield from the rain if you have the money.

    But never understood why there are traffic jams!!

  10. yaani, a chick after my own heart.

    nice write up, you're on point.

    enyewe, inakaa nikama inanyesha dooh wakati wa mvua. i mean, how else do you explain that that is the only time kanjo fixes roads? when it's hot n sunny n perfect to fix roads...nooooooooooo, they leave jackets on their seats and go home.

    i love this country.

    ODM is a hoax. with over 5 presidential aspirants in one, humour galore. whoever isn't picked by the party to run against "the bucks" will walk out and form ODM orange split or ODM milk shake...