Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conversation with Vendor

I was buying veggies from a vendor yesterday and we had this conversation.
Me: Prices are going up every day what's up
Vendor: That is why we are not getting married
Me:ooh, why is that?
Vendor: Now, the last time i bought maize flour it was Fifty shillings, how much is it now, you might know yourself.
Honestly i don't do shopping
When i don't know something, i just smile
Vendor: Wacha mtu akae kwao na mimi nikae kwetu, tuonane Sunday and then we can pretend to be married
Vendor: Can you imagine the way life is hard, what if i have to take a child to school, the cheapest is 3k, Si nitakufa?
Me: You can't die, you just pray to God to provide
Vendor: If God was among us, i could go direct to know but now i don't even know where He is
At that point i laughed, paid and left.