Friday, July 06, 2007

This thing

Called love

Yeah that word. Sacred word.

So in some moments of temporary insanity, i had decided to give up freedoms which i know is unconstitutional to do.

The freedom of expression say i think you are a goat, i just cant say it becoz it is not in the best interests of love. And i am meant to say "that was a lovely evening" Even when i really think i should have been watching La muher (kidding).

The freedom of movement. I can't move freely without saying i have gone to this and this place and i am going with so and so and i will be back at 20.10.02. Whuthufuk!!!

The freedom of NOT TALKING, is that the same as Freedom of Expression. Because when i am silent i am met with "are you ok?" are you normal (for friggin sake), you are i say more. For some reasons in the 3rd week of the Cycle i am NOT NORMAL. But you need remind me not, because i so know and you know Wut! I hate, no REally hate it when some one reminds me of that. It's like telling me you have a bloated stomach. bull crap i know that too. I like to be left alone. Usually there are people i want to be with at that time and that month it might not be you.
So my I don'twanttotalktoyoudisorder is ok with me.I have lived with it for years. Sometimes i don't want to talk to clients. Unfortunately not even intensive therapy from Dr.Phil's books can help because as this gal once said its not possible to know what it happens. Maybe its those devils fighting over my blood (ngai fafa)

The freedom of dreaming about having a Clooney KIN. Either George the one of Oceans 11,12,13 or even the senior Clooney are entertained. And sometimes when i can forgive religion Tom Cruise. faith works wonders. In one second you are ready to give up ambitions of having a Clooney kin and settling for this XXXX kins. Look that is a huge sacrifice and again unconstitutional ( i kid you not)

So the temporary insanity is over and then whoever it is i think of sacrificing the freedoms (this is permanent insanity) this is what the LOVE CALCULATOR says, am i doomed or WHAT???

I can go in peace. Lovely free weekend