Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When It Rains

When It rains in Nairobi

It rained in Nairobi yesterday. And…………..

It rains money

The matatu hike their fares. How else would you explain that? Only I missed the pebbles that could come with rain.

It rains money

Where do all this umbrellas come from?
“Mwavuli na mia”

And the rain takes away the lights

It is more likely that during this time, lights go out.

And the cars do not move. Huge Traffic Jams

Ooh rain rain….go away go go away .

John Githongo

We do want to believe you
We do recognize your great act of honor
But J.G, will you please stand up
Tell us, who is it you are fighting
It no longer appears
That you were fighting corruption!!

Mama Africa

Your cultures savage they say
Your beliefs archaic they add
Your practices barbaric
Ooh Mama Africa
What do thou have?

Some excerpts from a book I read

For now is all I have

Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labour of the lazy.
I am not lazy
Tomorrow is the day the evil becomes good
I am not evil
Tomorrow is the day the weak becomes strong
I am not weak
Tomorrow is the day the failure will succeed
I am not a failure

I will act now