Friday, September 01, 2006

Taking stock

From my own point of view


I am happy to report that this year so far, I have been lucky to avoid damn thieves. This could be due to the high police presence in the city. However just recently my mobile phone was almost stolen

I was going home in a matatu when just near the River Road corner, as I was texting back someone, a menacing thug attacked my hand and held to my phone. I was lucky to clutch to my phone with both hands and protect it. Talk about being a real Nairobian!!! And I still have my phone which I love very much thank you. I only have a scar to show for it

I give hat tips to Mr. Michuki and Hussein Ali; I forgive all their ills in handling Artur issue and other infamous undertakings because everybody forgets all the efforts they have put combating crime.

I lost property in 2003 and 2004 to thieves when the sweaty man called Chris was in charge of security and I believe that it was not a strange coincidence that lost during his tenure.

I would not be in a position to comment about most Kenyans but I have a feeling though I still walk clutching my handbag tight to my body, we are having an improved security.

NB/ Avoid Tom Mboya Street and River Road.


I am not sure corruption has reduced at all. I talked about it in my last post.


There is a general rise in the rate of employment among graduates. Be it contractual or permanent work.

Sometimes getting employment is a personal effort and certain factors that make jobs a distant reality is the lack of experience required by employers. To solve this it’s important to actively seek internships and work up on interview skills and presentation.

Also, take advantage of Graduate Trainees offered by top companies. Though it is hard to get, some people do actually get them. I know several of such people. My main undoing in not getting into this Traineeship sorta of thing is I SIMPLY CAN’T PASS AN aptitude test.

Current Graduate Trainee Programme

KRA is seeking graduates who have a minimum of Upper Second Hons in
Business Administration (Finance Option)

Apply to
Senior Deputy Commissioner
KRATimes Tower ,
P.O. Box 48240-00100

Obviously there are rumours that the intake is ridden with “WHO DO YOU KNOW” but I always say you never know. With God everything is possible.


This year alone we have had two IPO’s

Kengen and Scan Group

New listing

And many more expected.

Despite earlier frustrations with the stock brokers; I confirm it is still possible to make some money on the stock exchange only if you understand the stock market.

In Kenya, leave the financial details to financial planner and fund managers. Some of that information is completely inapplicable in the stock exchange.

Jua Kali stock trading my way

In January 2005, the Suntra Stocks published a report that stated the time to sell Kenya Airways shares was then. They have a word they use when the share has reached a maximum price and advise the investors. The share traded at Ksh. 18-22 then. Obviously that was not to be, the share beat odds and is currently trading at Ksh. 118 as we speak.

This is how the Kenyan stock exchange operates

Rumours can break or make a share. Leave the market fundamentals. If today Titus Naikuni got out of Kenya Airways; expect a price drop. I have no information if the share is under/over valued. It happened when Okello left. So watch for management changes.

January to April is the time to buy shares. At this time, dividends have been declared and the excitement has waned, profit/losses effects have also waned.

Note when dividends and profits are declared; share prices go up accordingly. The higher the dividend the more the share price goes up.

July to November is the time to sell the shares if your purpose is trading. Why? Because I have watched and seen it’s at this time, prices go up mostly when the company announces half year profits and interim dividends.

But if you are interested in investing in shares for a long time, you have to watch for the fundamentals. If terms like P/E Ratio, EPS, MPS scare you, don’t invest on your own. You can lose money and that’s not a cliché.

The current bullish stock exchange is something to take advantage of but too be careful.

You never know what will happen in case of regime change. Part of the reason why I think Kibaki might be re-elected is there are too many people making money on the bourse and a disturbance in regime may undermine the efforts. Of course others view it differently

And now to buy my brand new computer, courtesy of Kengen!

YES–SME Opportunity

The Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Youth together with UNDP has a programme called Youth Employment Scheme-Micro small Enterprise


Unemployed but seeking self employment
University Degree completed within the past 3 years
MBA (an advantage)

Investment is only Kes 10,000

Further details appeared on the Standard August 29th 2006

Apply by 22nd September
UNDP-Kenya-Expanded Opportunities Unit
30218-00100 Nairobi

An opportunity you obviously cannot miss.


This one has gone all time low now. Drivers are speeding like they is no tomorrow and the faulty matatus are back on the road. Seems to stay now. Whats wrong with matatu guys. Can't they simply obey the law?

Enjoy your weekend everyone