Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Things

By the Way

Thanks to all who prayed for me, i no longer retain the seat in the jobless train. I should have written earlier. I guess human's propensity to proclaim all things wrong is stronger

Of Touts and telling your age

With Touts, there is no hiding how old you look.

When you look straight from high school, they will proclaim

"Sema Siste, unaenda"

When you are a bit older (5 years from then)

"Madam, harakisha!"

When you give up to the aging, and the waist is much wider

"Mathey faster faster"

What an easy way to deduce how you look instead of prodding the boyfriend to answer that one for you.

Of Githongo
In my last post, there are those who said that Githongo wasnt lying. Obviously i dont think he is lying. He is just not telling the whole truth. And those who think that Githongo has nothing to lose, think twice. It is near elections time in Kenya. His time of releasing his dossiers are very opportune.

And just how much weight do UNSIGNED STATEMENTS or anything matter to anyone.

Of Obama

What he said was so courageous. It is useless for anyone to try to compete. Attention: Mr. Ogego.


Its useless to ride in the same bus as Ruto,Kamotho et al and claim you can do anything for Kenyans. Anyone with the same or different opinion?

Of Quotes

"Failure is the inability of a man to reach his goals what they may be"

And Why Leo and Marcus Rocked

Obviously the debate on Seanice has brought good tidings. Check Leo out!

Nice week ya'll