Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Santa Comes to town

I often have little about to celebrate during Christmas; mainly because; no new clothes; truly there has never been Santa. Early celebrations of Christmas were wishing that I could attend church at Christmas Eve; those who went could almost swear that the child was born or at least my cousins confessed the same happened.

With growth comes change; and with celebrations at least something new has to happen; making chapattis, spending the day with my not so favourite relatives has never been my idea of fun. Sometimes I wish I could just fly away at least to Brazil and do some samba dance or something.

Either way I am glad that the year is over; I am glad God has brought me this far without any major events. I could have wished it would have been better. I have been able to achieve more than I did; I am truly indebted to God. Have learnt to believe me God, He talks to me and I listen to Him and always ask for his guidance.

Ps. The Godfather is in town.

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays.