Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Madeline Test

She is one of your girlfriends , she is hot yet she is a real Madeline. I call her Madeline from a movie i once watched. The Madeline test is that which you take your boyfriend to be through to make sure that your future around him and your girl friend is secure.This woman will make sure she flirts with every man that is in your life or is about to enter your life. Her major quality is that probably unlike you she fronts what she has because she is hot.
It took me a friend of mine to realize how the Madelines of this world are dangerous. Babe would endless flirt with all her current, future and past boyfies.And yet she retained her as a friend. Reason "she is forever happening." So now every dude had to pass this test to go to the next stage. And you know what they all failed the test. What do i say?