Wednesday, March 05, 2008


When i write this blog, i do not write to offer legal advice, i write it as a common Kenyan, a private citizen of the beautiful country known as Kenya.
And that's whey i write it using simple english instead of legalese. If i wanted to make my blog complicated i would any day...but i wish not. Thats why i write about things people resonate with; matatus, KISS 100, the MKs and anything that happen daily on the street. I wonder if i started writing technical stuff i would have a following. Maybe its time i started to look all techie by the way i admire those who can hack that techie stuff, its not for me simply.
i have every right to reason like a common Kenyan.
however there are few people who think i owe them apologies for writing what i write in this blog.
Let me make it clear that
1. I don't owe anyone any apologies for my narrow minded views.
2. I don't have to agree with the general populance to be open minded
3. You don't have to be my friend
4. If you have any views/opinions put them in your blog don't come to my blog to insult me in the name of dissenting with me.
5. Some things are reality like the fact that a Luo brother might have a hard time taking a Kikuyu sister to his mother. It need not be like that, but that is the way it is. It ought not to be, but it is a reality in Kenya and that was even before this PNU/ODM thingie started going on. Me stating it does not mean that is the position i personally take. I recently told someone what i write on this blog is more influenced by the people on the street than me. I eavesdrop a lot!
6. If there is anything i can do, i will still do it and i don't have to tell everyone i did it; look i am not a celebutard!
7. I appreciate my blog readers extremely especially those who disagree with me e.g. KIP but that doesn't mean you insult me! By coming to ask me if i am lawyer, kwani i offer legal advice on this blog?
I can go on and on because i have been very tolerant. I have been recommended for among other blanket party. Others have written whole posts on how a lawyer can be a tribalist, how some people have paranoia, innuendos just because i took a different view from them during this very trying times in our country. I don't have to agree with everyone. I however would do anything to ease the suffering of a Kenyan.
Look when i started this blog i didn't know anyone, i have met great friends but that doesn't mean great friends can't have different views without insults. With time most of the things i said came to pass but anyway it is not important that whoever said what was right, what is important now is that we have peace and we hope it stays that way. Everyone was trying to understand this whole situation.
That not gain said i will continue to write the story of the man on the street, at least i don't have to be a techie to give the citizen's story!!!!!!!!