Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Even in my own village there is a division especially of the poor [the one whose mud hut went last] and the rich. Of course being rich means you own a 1200 cc which breaks down so often but can get the pregnant woman to the hospital just before delivery. The rich man will probably be a primary school teacher who has access to Sacco funds and has managed to get done a stone house [never mind there are red bricks with concrete on top]. His wife will wear the latest kitenge or just say the smartest on sundays. She kinda pulls of a head gear much to the admiration of the rest of the folks. She gets to be the chairlady of Women's guild or Catholic Women's Association or lets say mainly is an inspiration.

During the days of birth control and soil erosion campaigns, she is basically the first to be approached because what she says goes. Her man on the other hand may land the Chairman of the church, could even be elected councillor or chairman of local KNUT branch.

Their children are the envy of the village, though they will eventually go to boarding schools later, the village children are asked to be like so and so children. The mother most proudest will be the one whose girl get to date the boy of the so and so's.

And such is the folly of division.

Human anatomy should make nonsense of divisions. Because basically we are the same. We are born using the same process, the day we die it will be all the same stuff really.

But no human beings find time to distinguish themselves, i am white, you are black, i am beautiful, you are ugly therefore you don't deserve me,  i am rich, you are poor,  i work for the greatest company, your company is a non starter, your grandmother was a witch, i will not associate with you.

Thats whats practically killing our country.

We enjoy divisions. let me tell you divisions make the ruling elite a happy folk. The only divisions we have is that which exist in our head and our socializations. Nobody would make a better businessman than another because the basics of doing business is the same. If that was the case nobody would bother to write on business because it is only a certain group that understands business.

The white man has identified blacks as people who could not live in a civilized manner. But anyway maybe civilization is not meant for us.   Every individual posses different talents and abilities despite of the affiliation. Even the poor man in my village has hope if only his socialization was different.

I love this one. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/12-ways-to-help-make-mlks-dream-a-reality.html .