Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She denied everything

Hey i had a lovely Bday, all the attention, Thanks for your lovely messages, for the good friends and the bad ones, God Bless ya'll.

Anyway i was having a conversation with my mum about my childhood.

I reminded her of the way she caned me way back then and specifically pointed that in Standard 3 she did that everyday.

She retorted that i was a "muremi" meaning naughty/doesn't listen/ ok what do you say in English?

Then, she thought about it and she declared that

" I have never beaten you at all"

Every kid who lived when i was a kid doesn't need a father to collaborate my story.

6 p.m in the hood was beat naughty kid time, all kids used to cry at the same time.

So does your mum deny ever correcting you?