Monday, November 27, 2006

Image everything?

Wisdom tells us

Do not judge a book by its cover
And closer home

Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza
I have no idea who said those words and i just don't feel like google it.

Daunted by the fact that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it came another wise man who said

Image is Everything
And since then, Nobody thinks so much of the first two, the latter though is immortalized.

Disclaimer 1; Shabbiness cannot replace dandyism and elegance.

So we find;
fine Graphics on the cover of a book that doesn' t say much. Because the writer was told; Image is everything.Get a fine cover and laugh all the way to the bank.

Videos with scantily dressed women on the beach yo' with little or absent lyrical content. Think Ja Rule, Ashanti, PDiddy.

The society judges us too harshly based on the image we cut. Such that a blogger declared people treat her differently with(out) glasses.

To be judged successful
You better drive the important car (Read BMW,Mercedes et al), the epitome of vanity i tell you.
You better have clothes tailored by the Italian immigrant who entered America via his knitting skills only
I have known one person to say that someone should be ignored for living in a poor estate instead of the plush Muthaiga.

Your success or failures especially in Third World Kenya gots to do with the image you cut.

What do you get?
The crisply dressed minister with a reputation worse than the K-street regular.Behind the cloth, the man is devoids of any moral uprightness.
Only after his demise do you hear of his penchant for his subordinates' "whats under the cloth" and a string of out of wedlock children.
The same minister cannot uphold the integrity of resisting from public property but because his suit is Italian made and drives the large car with genious guzzling abilities the man to many's eyes is perfect.
What say you? But image is everything.

The young lad with the brain of a thousand computers will not get the job because the man's shoes look like they have been passed down from his grandfather. The man dejected turns highway robber. Yo' all know highway robbers have genious brains, ooh ok most robbers. The lad cannot even afford the "Camera" suits from Gikomba ingalau to look like he would form part of the corporate image.

So the brainless git with a finess taste and class always get the job. Not to say all the persons with taste and class are brainless.

To get that contract you better be flashing the E key once in a while, never mind it would be car hire.

OK if image was not everything, why do people spend fortunes on WEDDINGS? Why do people live with debt just to have Glamorous weddings which they can ill afford?

Why do you have Members of Parliament who have no idea what "To serve" means. If you think i am wrong then read Mzalendo reports. Because all they have to do is build tall buildings in the town and look the part that they are damn rich. Nobody NOBODY will give the poor youth a chance if he shows he has no cash because it is widely and wrongly believed that the youth will go there and start to enrichen himself. History has shown otherwise.

You even remember the movie all star studded but as shallow as the stream in my backyard (if there is one lol).

I am coming to believe that Image has taken over Quality.

So what if the company can deliver but has no glossy brochures?

Cometh beauty

There is this Brazilian girl who has recently met her death via anorexia. She wasn't contented with her already wafer thin body. and not even her mother could make her feed. And she died of Anorexia

So you are told if you are not beautiful, come here we can make you beautiful. I know not everyone will agree with me here.
The most disgusting of shows for me has been The Swan. All the women come out feeling so beautiful and you hear them crying and exclaiming
"I have never felt so beautiful"
How disgusting?

Who sets the parameters of beauty.

Next cometh the make-up. A normal woman today must have layers and layers of chemicals on her face all designed to stop the natural process of sweating and make one look young. Just look at Madonna to know what i am saying. They make old people look bad which is not the case. Our good ol Mandela is fabulous wit all his grey hairs.

I think everyone should be allowed to stay the way they were created because we are beautiful no matter what they say.

For me the most important things in a person are

Level of Intelligence
Being real

Soif you look like Bruce W. on a Sunday morning but possess little or no morality should the world adore you. I am apalled by how many men & women think they can get away for their looks sake.

Image vs Quality; whither?