Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dating is a game- Play it

Someone has pissed me off today hadi i had to write this. So this guy sees a pretty chic, pursues her, kamatas the goods and then do the usual thing BOUNCE!

While i don't think the guy is really a nice person or anything; i think the woman is mad or nuts. SHE CALLS HIM AFTER EVERY 10 MINUTES; JUST TO HEAR HIS VOICE.

He has told her while we all hear that he wishes not to hear from her.

So now what is wrong with the mama?"

My word is as good as yours count your losses and move on woman!!!! The dude doesn't feel anything about you and he just wanted to KAMATA DAME, ZUNGUSHA DAME.

How many women have never been in such a situation. Now calling this man all the time, he hangs up on you; madharau and well you guessed he is not playing hard to get. HE IS JUST NOT INTO YOU!!!!!

Kwani some people are not happy just to get out of train??

Well this is my advice for women who chase men, it just doesn't work.

Obey the rule; don't be available.

And that is not a cliche'