Friday, March 17, 2006


Happy Birthday Nicholas and with that smile .

I like that picture;sometimes i wish i was a work of art. Paloma of Cuandos Seas Mia looks like a work of art.

What am i saying?

Ati now that there is mnyambuliko of blogging

I almost had a bad week. But me don't allow such things.
So i went to the Club yesterday.

My God why do somethings have to be done in aerobics class. Methinks they are better off as bedroom acrobatics. To add pleasure in the whole up and down.

Now that it is Friday; what? No alcohol No meat! Aki Lent.

Tell a Friend's Secret

You all have those secrets that your friends tell you under oath.
Now such secrets sometimes destroy you, make you ache to tell someone but you realize you just can’t. Some are hilarious and others downright sad.
With no further ado;

Coitus Interruptis

My pal and his/her other significant went to have dinner on a Friday night. It must have been on one of those restaurants where it takes quite some time to have your dinner. So they decided to engage in such like activities in the back of the car as they were waiting for dinner to be ready.

In the heat of things (that is my own not as told) the watchman of the hotel came knocking on the window of the car and it was over. Little to say they paid for a dinner which they didn’t consume.

When told such a story do you ;

I chose to imagine
When caught; you dress up (assuming they were not dressed or partly dressed) quickly assuming that the watchman did not see any coital movement.

If you are the chic look down blushingly pretending you did not see what was cuttin. Look at the jamaa to see his reaction. Both of you are feeling so ashamed for you could have waited till you get home.

Tip (Ok bribe) the watchie heavily and drive out as fast as you can to avoid any further discussions.

Moral of the story: There are rooms in a hotel which charge per hour to cater for the type who can’t wait for dinner to get ready.

I need to rename my avatar; ebu suggestions. I don't want to be buzzted.

My secret; When my dad bought me the first phone, i hardly remember sleeping. Overexcitement.