Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Be the first to throw the stone

I know many people would appreciate the mystery surrounding the AIDS pandemic as being one hounded with secrecy, prejudice, stigma. Persons who either don’t understand that the disease is incommunicable and/or fail to appreciate that it’s passed from humans to humans . Some people have taken it upon themselves to treat victims of the disease with a lot of disdain much to my chagrin, you might wonder what I mean.

A friend of mine recently got a job with a local company which I consider to be quite respectable. My quarrel with them was that before the confirmation of the offer, a medical examination has to be carried out and sent to the employer directly without having showed the results to their hopeful employee, now the question that begs for an answer is that who gives a future employer legitimacy to know what my medical status is. So if it is positive what is the worst they would do? Give me a job and monitor for every cough or rash and proceed to fire me on medical grounds? This is what I call violation of privacy at its best.

I frown upon practices that are meant to dehumanize the person and worse still a person is left with no option but to undertake the job (remember the rate of unemployment).It is as if you as an employer are immunized against the disease. Everybody should remember all persons can contact HIV,,,,

This is the Government policy on HIV Public Sector policy