Wednesday, December 28, 2005

KBW Hook up

If you are still in doubt that 9 bloggers met;then i am confirming we did actually meet. Nobody is allowed to blog about it but if you are a blogger living,residing,visiting Nairobi,this is your only chance meet the KBW members.

I could have told you a little about Guess (the night nurse), Nick (hell no, that would be like opening a pandoras box), Thinker,Blue,Gishungwa, Kipepeo (the butterfly), Machozi,Wanduma (appearance, a spiky image of Blue),Milo with a little bribes here and there i will tell you all their names and even where they were born (huh).

Some of you must be dying of envy..yeah we are still looking for Nakeel,Moments, Kidada, Ms K.,Prousette,Kenyan Pundit.
Gishungwa,said she can make nice pilau and as it is we have accepted the offer.

Mental is surely back to Nairobi after a sojourn to KK (werocamu)

I hope you are all enjoying the post xmas.